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UMR Ballroom Team Presents

UMR DanceSport Scrimmage Earlybird (by Feb.1, 2017)

12/5/16, 7:00 AM

About this event

The UMR Ballroom Team is thrilled to invite you to the 3rd Annual UMR DanceSport Scrimmage.  The UMR DanceSport Scrimmage offers an affordable, dance competition-esque experience for college and amateur ballroom dancers.  The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity to dance in a positive environment where dancers can learn competition procedures and improve upon their own performance skills.  The dance rounds will be organized in the morning and early afternoon where our guest judge, Nathan Daniels, will observe and take notes.  In the afternoon, Mr. Daniels will share his observations and provide specific pointers for participants.  The participants will have a chance to ask questions to help them prepare for future competitions.

Each partnership may dance once in each style and if one leader has two followers, the leader may dance twice so both of their followers can dance at least once. 

Indication of dance style and level of dance are not required at the time of registration. Just show up and dance! Easy peasy!
Event Location
  • Doubletree
  • Rochester MN
  • USA